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Knowledge Broker Blueprint | Student Case Study: Allison Carter

How the Knowledge Broker Blueprint has Impacted Allison’s Business:

“Oh my gosh, how has it not impacted my business? KBB helped give me the confidence and validation that building a community of moms who have this desire to celebrate and make these moments special, but lack the time and headspace to do it was the next step. I knew a physical representation of my holiday guides was coming down the pike, but I definitely didn’t think it would be year 3 of my business. It was always something that I dreamed of doing when both kids were in school.

KBB made me see that I could actually create a brand new branch of my business because I knew how to prioritize my to-do list by surrendering to my not-to-do list. It also taught me to become obsessed with my customer and give them what they want. My tribe has been asking for this box since I started my business 3 years ago and I was too scared and hesitant to do it.

The limiting beliefs I had about not having enough time, me being further split in too many directions and sacrificing mom time, and being scared in the upfront investment of myself and my ideas held me back. Now, I’ve released 2 boxes and announced the yearly subscription box model and have more than tripled my yearly revenue, shocking just about everyone, myself being number one! Without KBB, I wouldn’t have made that jump. I would have let those beliefs keep me back until I felt the safety of my kids being in school and I am SO thankful I said yes!”

Biggest Hesitation to Sign up for KBB:

“Honestly, the Dean and Tony video was a huge turn off. Love both of them, I promise! But it was very masculine, not clear on the program and focused on things I wasn’t really wanting or needing for my business. For $2k, it was definitely not something I felt I needed to invest at the time. It just really didn’t do the course justice, so thank god for Jenna swooping in and saving the day with all the ladies!

She showed us what she had done and the ideas she was getting, and then her offer to coach a group through the program and do it alongside her community was the deal breaker. Access to Jenna, who I admire as a business woman greatly, and her eyes on my business giving me feedback on next steps was invaluable in my opinion. And OMG I would be absolutely LOST this year without her and my KBB sisters! Hands down one of the best decisions I made in my business… ever.”

Allison’s Story:

Allison is the owner and founder of Allison Carter Celebrates, a party and celebration business helping busy moms save time and energy when celebrating special occasions, holidays, and milestones with their loved ones. Three years ago, Allison was a lost mom of two little ones, ages 3 and 6 months.

She admits she had lost her identity after deciding to quit teaching, a career she loved, to be a stay-at-home mom to her daughter. She loved that role, and then her son came and the transition to two was really hard on her. One day, she was chatting with friends about their babies’ first birthday parties, and one of her friends (a working mom) said she didn’t have the time or headspace to plan the party.

As a party-planning lover…

Allison stepped up and offered to do it. Then she realized she had never planned a party for someone else before and had zero concept of how to get her vision into someone else’s head! Enter PowerPoint.

She opened the program, copy and pasted some fiesta-inspired party pics, and because Allison knew her friend was short on time, hyperlinked the pictures to take her directly to shop. That way, she could add what she needed for the invite, decor, or activity to her cart and be done with it.

“No Time to Siesta, It’s Charlie’s First Fiesta” was created, and little did Allison know, she had just sold her first Party Plan to a customer in need! After many moms’ feedback on her idea for planning parties in this visual and time-saving way, Allison enrolled in an online business course, took The Instagram Lab to learn how to show up well on social media, and started building a website.

She started planning parties for busy moms all over the world.

And now she has helped thousands of moms all over host their parties with the help of an Allison Carter Celebrates Party Plan! The following year, Allison’s audience asked for more. They wanted ideas for holidays, special occasions like losing a tooth, starting school, etc., so she answered with a podcast!

Memories in Moments, named after the book Allison’s mom wrote on those very subjects 20 years prior, was live and has a very healthy and engaged following! This year, she took her business one step further and created her holiday subscription box, Memories in Moments: Unwrapped! All the crafts, activities, cute paper plates, napkins, recipes, and more that you need to celebrate a holiday or special occasion, prepped and ready to go, addressed to your kids and delivered straight to your door.

The goal with everything is simple.

Take planning celebrations off a mom’s already overflowing plate so she can focus on what really matters: the connection and memories being made with her loved ones.

“I think KBB gave me a newfound excitement and confidence,” she said. “I have a superpower and it’s selfish of me not to share it! Thats such an empowering position to be in. When you switch to the impact your knowledge and skill-set have on people it’s a big pressure releaser.”

She says she did a ton this year in her business and was incredibly busy, but she has the skills to be intentional, more so than she has ever been before. Being very aware of how she’s spending her time, how to narrow in and focus on one goal, and the importance of boundaries is all so beneficial to both her business and personal life.

Want more information about how you can become a student of mine?

Grow and scale YOUR biz (and get mentored by me) when you take KBB!

by Jenna Kutcher 

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