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March 5, 2020


How the Knowledge Broker Blueprint has Impacted Angel’s Business:

“KBB has helped turn my dream into a reality. I realize it sounds super cliche, but that’s pretty much what happened. I found Jenna a few days before she published her podcast episode with Tony Robbins and because he was the first guy she’d ever had on her show, it piqued my interest. I’m all for #girlpower and women lifting up other women. So when I saw that whatever she was talking to Tony about was big enough to break her streak of all female guests, I had to tune in.

While going through KBB, I was able to define what I want to do, how I’m going to do it, and who I’m going to serve. All of these things had been so fuzzy and conceptual before, and now KBB had given me tools and lessons to make things crystal clear. For example, being able to drill down into determining my Ideal Client, I continued to develop The Sister Joist while going through KBB, and thanks to the clarity it provided, knowing my ideal client and exactly who they are, I experienced 500% growth in my Facebook Group in 3 months. Five months after completing KBB, I also hosted my test workshop to work through potential content and spent 4 hours with 7 moms (which, if you’re a mom you can understand how precious 4 hours away from family can be!)

Jenna’s FB group of fellow KBB students made all! the! difference! Being in an encouraging, energetic and supportive group of like minded women (and a few brave men) gave me the community support I needed to keep going through the course schedule and to stay in action to keep up my momentum.

When I’m struggling with something in my business or need courage to try something new, because my chronic fear of failure has kept me from even trying new things for way too long, I can come to the group for brainstorming, support, encouragement and all kinds of cheerleading which can be so hard to come across as a solo entrepreneur. As entrepreneurs, we often spend a lot of time alone and having a community to rely on has been a PRICELESS benefit that I didn’t realize was going to be so essential.”

Biggest Hesitation to Sign up for KBB:

“It comes with a pretty serious price tag. It’s a lot of money to begin with, but coupled with the fact that over the past 3 years, I’ve transitioned from making 50% of what I used to make at my corporate job to 0%. This created a whole new level of internal barriers for me to want to invest so much money in myself. How can I make such a large purchase when I’m not bringing in any income?

Thankfully, I have a truly incredible husband. He helped talk me through my entire thought process and if it were up to him, he would have purchased on day one! But even knowing he was behind me 100% and on board with the investment, it took me the entire time the doors were open to wrestle with whether or not I was worth the price of the investment.

It was my very first course so I was going to consider every possible scenario first before making a purchase. I saw Jenna’s initial Live about KBB and signed up for the webinar to learn more. I watched the webinar and took lots of notes. I knew I wanted to take my passion for helping moms to the next level but just didn’t know what that next level was or how to get there.

This seemed to be just the thing but it was a hefty investment. Then we started to look at it from the place of a business investment rather than the purchase of a product. I stayed tuned in to each of Jenna’s Lives as she talked through each module, and I of course made a pro/con list Rory Gilmore style.

The HUGE pro was getting access to the separate group Jenna was running that included her personal coaching through the course.

Angel’s Story:

Angel’s current role is founder. But as a company of one, her roles beyond founder are many, like so many of you can relate. As for what she does, Angel helps fellow moms feel less alone in an encouraging community that helps to quiet the worries of motherhood. And as any mom knows, those worries are many, and they can be LOUD. Her community uplifts mamas so they can overcome self-doubt.

She said, “It’s the community they didn’t even know they needed until it arrived, and it will hopefully feel like a great big sigh of relief. A place to get the encouragement they need, the support they’re looking for and a few tips and tools along the way to help free up the space of worrying about all things momma.”

Angel’s whole idea is that the worrying that can often overwhelm moms is taking up space that can be filled with more peace, more patience, more calm, and more confidence that you’re doing a great job. (And also more fun.)

Angel’s career path before KBB.

As for her career, Angel has been in the event industry since she was 7 years old, which was, as she puts it, her very first big event: her birthday party! She asked her mom if she could have a birthday party, and her mother said yes but only if Angel helped her with it every step of the way. So together, they planned the menu, did the grocery shopping, made the invitations, the whole thing.

And from that point on, Angel was hooked! She spent plenty of time in school on student council planning all kinds of events, and went to college (where she worked in the Student Activities Department planning even more events) to get her degree in Sports/Entertainment/Event Management from the Denver campus of Johnson & Wales University.

Angel spent a few years after college working for a special events decor company designing decor for corporate and social events, including the decor for the MLS All Star Game After Party in 2007 when the game was in Denver. But she found herself wanting to learn more, so she left to join The Ritz-Carlton Denver and was lucky enough to be part of the opening team for that hotel.

During her time there, the hotel hosted all kinds of amazing events and Angel wrapped up her time at the hotel on the Catering Sales team. During that time, she learned two things about herself: she’s really not into sales, and she really missed the rush of the event life.

So, she left to join the event department of Populous, a sports architecture firm headquartered in Kansas City and their event office is in Denver, where she lives. As a part of that team, she got to be a part of on-site operations at four Super Bowl games and several other high profile events.

Leaving corporate life to do her own thing.

After several years there, and her first daughter being born, there were some shifts in leadership and the previously adjusted work schedule she had negotiated and that helped her avoid excessive daycare costs was compromised. It made more financial sense for her to depart and open her own business in marketing and branding.

She retained her former boss as a client and continued to plan high-level board meetings all over the world. But at the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey after stepping away from her corporate job, she found herself still feeling like she needed to work 50-plus hour weeks AND raise their then-2-year-old. You can imagine how that went!

About a month into being her own boss, Angel had a midnight breakdown from all the stress she was under. As a relatively new mom, too, there was just more than she could handle alone and she was desperate. So desperate that as a serious introvert, she connected with the moms group at her local church, something she would never have previously considered doing.

There were people there she didn’t know and the whole point is to talk to them. Aka, not exactly her comfort zone. BUT, it was something she didn’t know she needed until about 4 weeks after she started attending.

Tragedy that turned into perspective.

At 4 am on a Friday in October, Angel got the news that her 33-year-old best friend had passed away very suddenly and very unexpectedly. The impact and heartbreak “left me so very broken,” she said. But that brokenness is how the light got in.

It made Angel vulnerable in ways she wouldn’t have voluntarily chosen to be, and each week, she found that the more her group talked about where they struggled as moms and where they felt like they were falling short, there were other moms that would chime in: “I thought it was just me!” or “You’re going through that too!?”

The immense relief and camaraderie Angel felt over time led her to find her passion for helping her fellow moms feel what she felt. And she hasn’t met a mom yet that isn’t struggling with at least one thing, if not many. She didn’t know how to expand on her passion initially and thought maybe a podcast was the way to go.

Like so many entrepreneurs on the path to impact, she was navigating what the next right move could be. She desired so much to help more moms than the few that were within the walls of her moms group, but just didn’t know how to reach them. And then came KBB.

The difference the Knowledge Broker Blueprint made.

After the Knowledge Broker Blueprint, Angel took her idea and started turning it into a business that she finally knew was possible, and she could see clearly what she could do to start making that happen. Before KBB, she had dabbled in podcasting which wasn’t necessarily a business model, and KBB took what she was passionate about and gave her the confidence, tools, and community to turn that idea into a reality.

Angel now runs a Facebook Group for her ideal client, and it’s grown to almost 300 moms since July of 2019. She was able to take her ideas and create a sample workshop that she charged for and ran for 4 hours on a Saturday in November with 7 moms to help her practice teaching her content.

Next up is going to be a 5-day online challenge to help moms overcome negative self-talk, then turning her content into an online workshop to help teach moms how to quiet the worries of motherhood (and in turn teach them at the same time how to overcome the self-doubt we struggle with as moms).

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint taught Angel how to extract what she already knew and could teach… It was hidden in plain sight! KBB also gave her the tools she could use in her workshops to teach her content because they really are for any industry!

“What I didn’t expect was the personal transformation within myself as I was going through the course,” she said. “I was expecting to go through the course and learn concepts and skills. I had no idea the impact learning the tools would actually have on me as I went through each one and discovered more and more about myself. It was that foundation of belief that was able to provide the fuel for me to step through my fear and go after what I’m passionate about doing.”

Want to up-level your business — and life?

Enroll in KBB to find your unique superpower and get mentored by me!

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