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How to Justify the Price of KBB

Look, I get it. I can level with you if you’re out there thinking the Knowledge Broker Blueprint price is a big investment. In fact, it’s one I would never take lightly. I hear you loud and clear, sis, and it wasn’t that long ago that I invested in MY very first course as I held my breath, punched in my credit card info, and squeezed my eyes shut while hitting “purchase.”

I KNOW that it’s scary. And I know that the cost isn’t something to just wave away like it’s no big deal. Plus, for so many of us, it’s not just you and you alone making the investment. You might have a partner or kids or other responsibilities that make it difficult to fathom handing over THAT big of a chunk of money.

So let’s talk it out, me and you. Let’s get real about how to actually make this work for you. Because I have seen KBB work in the lives of more than a thousand students I walked through it with last year, and I’ve heard from so many that they’ve made back their investment and then some already.

So if you’re not sure how to wrap your head around the Knowledge Broker Blueprint price tag (or how to get your partner on board, let’s be honest), keep reading to see just how this course — and my bonuses — pack in immense value and the opportunity for you to reap the reward. BIG TIME.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint Price Breakdown

By now you’ve heard the cost of KBB is just shy of $2000 (it’s $1997, if we’re being technical). This is a large investment for anyone, especially so many people just starting the path of entrepreneurship. When I bought my first course, it was $5000 and I had NO clue if I’d get my money back. But you better bet I was gonna do everything in my power to try. I was doing my wedding photography thang at the time and hadn’t launched any education programs of my own — yet.

It was that very course that led me to launch my first course, The Jenna Kutcher Course (retro, right?). And it taught me that I had a good thing going with my photography business. I was making a steady income, getting new clients regularly, and growing on a reliable basis. I didn’t realize for a long time that not every wedding photographer knew what I knew, and many weren’t running a sustainable business. I also realized that the second I stopped shooting, the checks stopped coming in.

So I bought the $5k course with hope and fear filling my gut, took the principles from it to build my very own course, and began impacting and leading other photographers and entrepreneurs to build systems that set them up for growth and steadiness like I’d experienced. Almost 10 years later, I have multiple courses and have impacted thousands of women while reaching a 7-figure level of income. But it didn’t just happen because I bought the course. It happened when I applied for the course and kept showing up to implement, even when it was messy or challenging.

HERE’S THE THING: For $2,000, you’ll get a course that shows you how to unlock your potential, discover your innate gifts, teach others what you know, and experience massive impact (and income growth) with the tools, exercises, mindset work, and strategies inside. That is worth the price alone.

You’ll also get my mentorship as you take the course.

Yep, I’ll be walking alongside students as we take the course AS A GROUP to answer your questions in weekly LIVEs, be a sounding board for the ideas and inspiration that will surely hit, and just be there as your numero uno hype girl/coach/biggest fan as you take the materials (that are seriously worth gold) and run with them.

The other thing: I wouldn’t be promoting this course as hard as I am if I didn’t take it and personally experience the power of it. I know there are a lot of people out there who are offering shiny bonuses if you sign up with them, and I also know many of them haven’t even cracked open Module 1.

No shade! It’s definitely a GREAT course for them to promote, but I am only here because I have experienced the results first-hand, and I have led 1,000+ students to experience results through taking KBB together.

Real Students’ Thoughts About the Price of KBB

I have amazing relationships with so many students who I walked through KBB with last year, and so this year I surveyed many of them to get their thoughts and experiences from taking the program. When asked what their main reservation was before purchasing, there was definitely a theme:

“My biggest reservation of KBB was the cost and that I couldn’t find anyone like me who had results from the course. I am an emotional and impulsive buyer. When I make major investments I research everything, I want to know my money is going to be well spent and I will get the result I am purchasing. I knew that Jenna would not back something that she did not believe in and knew she uses or tests everything before she promotes it. Also, the promise of taking what I already knew and that I could turn it into business was when I knew this was the course for me.” – Michelle Hagen

“I was in my first 4-5 months of my new business after a year of not working, after being fired. You think I had the money to invest in a program? No. It was going to go on a credit card that I knew I’d only being paying the minimum monthly payment on. I literally couldn’t get it out of my head. It was the last day for the $1997 price, I sat down beside my husband and said, ‘I cannot stop thinking about this. I really really feel that if I miss out on this opportunity I’m missing something special that God has for me in this new season.’ He looked at me and said, ‘Then do it. I trust you. But you have to promise me that you’ll be invested 110%.’ Now, you don’t know this but Ryan doesn’t like change, doesn’t necessarily like risk. He’s my total opposite. But in this season of starting my business and investing in KBB, he 1000% believed in me and what the Lord was calling us to do.” – Lauren Hyland

“The financial commitment was huge. $2,000 on myself? With 4 kids? ONE police officer’s income? The money-back guarantee was what sold me. I was going to purchase, go all in as fast as possible, then request a refund if I wasn’t gaining anything from it.” – Natalee Jean

So you get it, they were right there with you, wondering if it was worth it or if it would be the best move for their finances and future. And pretty much ALL of my students had this same hesitation.

So… did they earn back their investments?

My students felt the fear but pulled the trigger anyway, so I was curious. A year after taking the program, have they made their money back? We asked, and here are a few of their answers:

  • Madison Anaya said, “With the combination of my event and content strategy sessions following the big day, I have earned back my investment!
  • From Allison Carter: “Yep! I am very proud to say that I have earned back my investment in KBB and more! That has definitely not been the case with many other courses I’ve taken. Even if I hadn’t though, it still would have been more than worth it. The community, support and knowledge gained is priceless.”
  • Tavia Redburn shared, “Yes absolutely, pretty quickly I earned it back with a $15,000 launch in October but I know it will continue to pay for itself because I’ll continue to use the information as my education business grows and I can impact more women!”
  • Hans Boateng had insane results: “OMG, I think I made back my investment in the first 3 months after purchasing KBB. My program has far exceeded my expectations and continues to sell… To be honest, Jenna’s group and certain mindset lessons from KBB made the BIGGEST difference in my life. It helped me start a group program that has been a tremendous success! I earned over $40,000 in sales in one month, I still can’t believe it. I’m speechless.”

How to Justify the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Price

Making this course work for YOU is as unique as our personalities and gifts and different life paths. But with the tools you learn in KBB, you’ll be able to take what you know and teach it to others in some sort of format, whether that’s a course, mastermind, event, workshop, membership program, or something else.

Let’s say you end up creating a course based on your individual superpower and the special knowledge YOU possess that others want access to. If your course costs, let’s say $150, you only need to sell 14 to make more than $2,000. You, my friend, could probably sell 14 courses in your sleep.

If you host a mastermind that’s $400 per ticket, sell 5 tickets and you’ll have made your money back. Create a membership that’s $90 a month with a 3-month commitment, and you only need 8 members to make your investment back. Make a Facebook group and charge $20 a head, get 100 people to join, and you did it. These are just examples to show you what’s possible, and you may be able to charge way more for your program once you dig into the market and see who’s interested. But do you see the opportunity this course opens up for you?

I understand that it’s overwhelming to invest that much money into yourself, but I so deeply believe that YOU have something worth sharing with others. And this is the program that has helped thousands before you learn to pull that special something out, package it up, and share it with the masses. It’s taught ME to do it better, too.

So you may be thinking you’re not worth the investment, or you’ll never be able to make it work. I can promise you I’ve felt the very same way in the past, investing in high-ticket programs. But then I took the plunge and made a promise to myself that I WOULD make it work. And I’ve helped hundreds of other KBB students do the same.

You can make it work. Do you believe it too?

What’s holding you back from investing in your dreams?

Sign up for KBB and let me coach you along the way to achieving your biggest goals.

by Jenna Kutcher 

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