It's here: Time to Learn How to Use Your Camera! - Jenna Kutcher


It’s here: Time to Learn How to Use Your Camera!

Jenna Kutcher 

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It has been the most pre-registered for course EVER for Brit+Co and today is the day that you can sign your cute booty up for it! It’s finally live and time for you to officially sign up! My Intro to DSLR Photography course is live with Brit + Co and I am so excited to teach you how to finally use that camera! You know, that one that you bought and got confused by – the one that is collecting dust on the shelf while your iPhone documents your life! Let’s be honest, when is the last time you printed off your iPhone memories and hung them proudly on your wall (probably never, if you’re like me.) Your life deserves to be documented beautifully and I’m going to be the one to teach you exactly how you will do that!

Purchase this course for only $39 and you’ll learn:

  • What the dial on your camera is, what each setting is created for, and when to use them.
  • What the exposure triangle is (in simple terms): shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. If you’re already lost, keep going.
  • What settings to use both indoors and outdoors.
  • What lenses I use (with a bonus on what I would recommend for someone just starting out!)
  • Cheat sheets on what setting to use in different lighting situations.
  • You get to watch me shoot, pose, and talk through working with a couple during a live shoot!

This is an online course that you can take and retake as many times as you’d like and whenever you have time! You get to keep it for life and continue to watch and practice until it’s perfect! The best part is, the course is only $39, you won’t find education like this anywhere else. I’m just super pumped that I got to feel like a movie star for a day and create this content that so many people have been asking for. Whether you want to capture clear, beautiful photos of your kiddos or you want your dog to be your subject, this course will help you compose, shoot, and create images you are proud of! Put down your iPhone and pick up that fancy camera that you invested in… I’ll show you the rest.

Click here to sign up for my Intro to DSLR Photography with Brit + Co here! or visit:






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  1. Lisa says:

    Hi – I had pre-registered for this course, but am hoping for a little more information before I register. I have a Sony mirrorless camera (Sony a7II). I know it functions similar to a DSLR, but wasn’t sure whether your course would be an appropriate beginner course for my camera as well.


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