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I am not mad at God for taking my baby

Jenna Kutcher 

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It would be so easy to be angry right now: at God, at people with growing bellies, at little babies that I wish were mine – but I’m not. Truly, I am not. When all of this started to happen and we were fearing the worst, I texted two of my best friends who happen to be pregnant and I told them this: please don’t stop sharing your baby with me, I want to be a part of your story just like you’ve been part of mine. That bitterness just hasn’t hit, maybe it will, but I pray it won’t. I’ve experienced so many emotions these last few weeks, some of which I will probably share here! Don’t worry, my blog won’t turn into a miscarriage blog, but it is what we are living right now and for me, sharing is therapeutic, and hearing from so many other who have been personally impacted by miscarriage has changed my life.

I am not mad at God. Yesterday morning we stood in church, my hands on my growing belly that conveniently decided to “pop” over the weekend, and tears streamed down my cheeks as I sang “It is well with my soul.” Even though those words wouldn’t flow out of my mouth, I knew that soon (maybe not today) it would be well with my soul. Pastor Craig preached a message: it isn’t about what I am feeling, it is what I know to be true. My faith is something I share but I also hold dear to me. My relationship with God has had a lot of highs, a lot of lows, a lot of storms and droughts and somedays I just don’t even feel equipped to talk about because it’s been a somewhat messy journey that has led me here. After we first heard the “there is no heartbeat” words, I started praying, but I was surprised at my prayers: I wasn’t praying for my baby to live, I was praying for peace and understanding no matter the outcome. What used to be selfish prayers that had left my lips had turned into prayers that directed in trusting his will.

These next few weeks and months will be telling. I feel a sting when a baby commercial comes on, or Facebook tells me I should buy a crib, or when my pregnancy app congratulates me on another week pregnant, I feel frustrated that my body still thinks (and looks like) it’s pregnant, I feel nervous for Wednesday, I feel sad that my body can’t let go, I feel scared about how empty I will feel waking up in the hospital on Wednesday, I feel exhausted (so exhausted) from grief and hormones and all that we’ve tackled emotionally in a few weeks time, and I feel faith that God is bigger than all of those things I have listed above. At the end of the day, my Maker doesn’t make mistakes and while I feel pain and sadness, I feel peace that this story, this is bigger than the circumstance.

Over these last few weeks I’ve heard it all, those statements that sting: at least it happened early, it happens to more people than you think, there’s probably something wrong with the baby, everything happens for a reason, what can you do (yes, someone literally said, “what can you do?”) If you aren’t sure what to say to someone, please say this: I am sorry for your loss. Trust me when I say, anyone who is miscarrying or going through a miscarriage has probably spent hours pouring through information online, we know all of the ways it happens, why it happens, and how many people it happens to. We get that, but right now we are living it, grieving it, and it feels all consuming.  Sure, we have heard it all but above those words, I have heard messages of hope, of strength, of a sisterhood of women who have experienced and lived through this.  If my sharing makes just one person feel less alone or more accepting of this kind of loss, it’s been worth it. Please continue to pray for us, to allow ourselves to rest, heal, feel, but most of all know that we come from a Maker who makes no mistakes, and rest in the peace that our baby was loved every minute it existed. I will carry my sweet babe for another 48 hours and I will do my best to savor each minute of this belly that hasn’t stopped growing, even when the life did.

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  1. Holly Irving says:

    Jenna, I had a miscarriage and a tubal pregnancy. It is a very sad time. You have a rainbow after after a storm and the sun comes out. You need to grieve, but there will e a rainbow. PRAYING FOR YOU ON Wed and for you and your husband to find peace.

  2. Sarah Samantha Goodman says:

    sweet jenna. oh how i wish i could take the pain away and create a life where no one felt the emotions that a miscarriage brings. your baby will always be with you. will simply move from your belly to your heart. i have no doubt in my mind that baby K will go up to heaven and hand select the best new baby for your future. they will spend time together and know each other. and soon you will be growing again. you will always be a mommy. and already the very best. my heart aches that you are going through this. but you are not alone. i pray that God will provide for you and drew and give you both strength. i am so sorry.

  3. Janice Jones says:

    Hello Jenna. I sing with your Mom. I just want to tell you I am sorry for your loss. I too lost my 4 th child 27 years ago. April 8 which was our wedding anniversary. I have 2 beautiful daughters that experienced this pain also on April 8 all different years. They each have one child now 4 and 8. Some days I still feel that lose,but I know God was with me every step of the way. .This is the song that comes to my mind. The King of love my Shepard is his goodness faileth never. I will keep you and your husband in my prayers and heart. I love your Momma. She is my hero. Peace

  4. I Love you girl! Praying for you each day!

  5. Lori Peters says:

    Dear sweet Kutcher family…
    I have read and re-read what you have written. I have no words except to say that you and Drew are an amazingly unselfish couple and have helped many more people in the universe than just those of us who have “liked a page or who have made “comments” on your site from time to time. This is heart wrenching. Your Faith is mature and in tact. There have been, are and will be ups and downs as you said but I am thankful you two are sensing the Peace from the Holy Spirit our Comforter in times such as this. You never cease to amaze me with your beautiful Spirit Jenna. May the “Kutcher family” continue to grow in Grace, Love and Peace and may you sense the love and support we all offer to you in our prayers. Amen.

  6. Christa says:

    I am so sorry that loss has now marred your path. It has done so to mine as well. Somehow, last year I stumbled across a blog post by Christa-Black Gifford, called “How I Know God Didn’t Kill My Baby” that I hope you get a chance to read. It has changed my mind on this losing a baby business SO much. I pray for your heart-pain to be healed during this season. ????


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