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How Pinterest Can Work for YOUR Product Based Business

Jenna Kutcher 

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So you run a product-based business and are wondering how you can make Pinterest work for you. I think far too often, product-based businesses focus only on pinning the products that they sell and fall short in terms of serving their audience in a different way. This can come across as over promoting yourself and can turn potential customers away. So today, let’s talk about what you can pin for your audience other than just the products you sell to really take your strategy and traffic to the next level.

Create content AROUND what you sell

Too many people create content only ABOUT what they sell and forget to create content around what it is they are selling. Think about showing your products in your client’s homes or how they are personally using your products.  Put the spotlight on your customers and encourage people to share how your products are being used and create a board around that.

Pinterest’s most popular pins are fashion, food and home decorating. Think of new ways you can showcase your products that might appeal to people in a new way in those categories if you can. Maybe someone wouldn’t have thought to use one of your products as a gift for a specific situation without seeing a pin highlighting it. Or maybe there’s a way you could style your product as decoration in a new and creative way. Change up how you pin your work and write the description in a way that is less salesy and more inspirational.

This will help inspire people to visualize (and purchase!) your product in their life.

Show people how to use your products

Use ideas and inspiration to show people how they can use your products. What value can you add by showing how one of your products solves a pain point for your clients? Write an educational article and then within that article, have the solution be one of your products. So instead of just pinning your products, you’re attracting your target client by solving a problem for them with an educational article that also positions your products as a solution.

SEO + Product Pins

Pinterest is a search engine and I want you to try to get in your customer’s heads for a second. Get really detailed about what they might be searching for in order to find the products you sell. Describe the color, material, possible uses for it and who might be buying this product. Next, search those words in the Pinterest guided search bar and see what pops up as words other people are searching for to find similar things and infuse those words into your pin descriptions, board names and profile anywhere it makes sense.

Create a brand, not just a business

Don’t believe the lie that because you are a product-based business, what you share needs to be one-dimensional. You are far more than what you sell. My final tip for product-based businesses on Pinterest is that people want to know about the person behind the business and you have a story to tell. I’d challenge you to share about yourself across all social media platforms. Get out of your comfort zone and think about ways you can incorporate what makes you unique in your Pinterest presence. Me? I’m known for my love of mac n cheese, yoga pants, home decor and my laid back style and all of those things show up in my Pinterest feed.

You’ll be surprised to see that people love connecting with YOU the person and not just your products. I promise. How to apply this to Pinterest? Change your profile image to one of YOUR faces and be sure to engage with your audience thereby commenting and replying back.

Love these tips and want to learn more about using Pinterest for your business?

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