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March 1, 2020


You’ve asked and we are giving it to you REAL today! I’m gonna break on down this course that I’ve now taken twice and led over 1,000 students through, mentoring and coaching them to take these lessons and RUN to make their dreams come true. So you know this is going to be good! I’ve preached the magic of Tony Robbins’ and Dean Graziosi’s epic course they launched last year: the Knowledge Broker Blueprint (previously the Knowledge Business Blueprint). You might also know that Dean is my personal business coach, so I’ve really gotten a big behind-the-scenes look at the heart behind KBB.

Essentially, these guys consolidated their combined wealth of business and marketing knowledge to deliver a step-by-step program all about teaching YOU how you can extract your unique knowledge, package it up, sell it to others, make massive impact, and bring in profits. And, friends, it is pretty legit.

Okay, that may be putting it lightly. To be totally honest, this is THE best course I have ever seen — and I’ve seen, taken, and created many a course. Today, I wanted to take you on a deep dive into the KBB course, share what it will teach you, help you decipher if it’s a fit for you and share the success stories of real students (who have gotten real results).

As someone who has been growing a business in this self-education world for 6-plus years, I can honestly say I got my next million-dollar idea within the first half-hour of taking the course, like I was freaking out and voice texting my team over my idea and it happened inside module one. It’s THAT amazing. And my insights have only expanded the second time I took it.


Maybe you landed here and you’re like, “What in the world is Jenna talking about?” Let me give you a little insider peek. The Knowledge Broker Blueprint is a four-module course designed by business moguls Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.  

Tony and Dean took their combined 60 years of business expertise, bundled it up, and turned it into a teachable program designed to help anyone (literally… anyone) build, market, manage, and make money from value-delivering masterminds. Their thought is that EVERYONE is an expert at something — whether it’s gardening, baking, blogging, home-brewing beer, designing websites, making cat slippers, and anything in between.

If you have a serious passion about a topic or a lot of experience doing something, you, my friend, are an expert who can hone that knowledge into something teachable and sellable. This course will give you the confidence to share that expertise with others, plus you’ll get all the nitty-gritty marketing strategies that will help you set up and run impactful and lucrative events.


Krystal Douglas, owner of Six Figure Sewing:

“This was a game-changer in how I even look at my business. I’m done trading time for money. After KBB, I’ve had so many ideas that I can pivot to that are slowly creating me revenue streams and more freedom in my life. I never realized just how much I knew until it helped me extract that knowledge. I also feel like KBB and its tools enabled me to serve people beyond my own capabilities by providing exercises that help me and my soon-to-be students get what we need in addition to what we want. If you’re willing to take massive action and dream beyond your current status, KBB is where it’s at. This course basically asks the question, ‘What if what comes easily to us is our calling, and is meant to be shared with the world?’

Erica Steeves, owner and product photographer at E Cee Style:

“KBB has changed my business exponentially and in many ways. It is immeasurable at this time to know the long term benefits it will have on my career. I learned skills, tools, and a blueprint on how to build my business. As of right now, I have interviewed for 5 podcasts, another scheduled this month and multiple others in the works. KBB also inspired and led me to create my own audience by launching a YouTube Channel so I can serve serve serve my new community I am creating! And mindset shifts have happened at the next level! I have been able to learn more about myself in such a short period of time. I moved faster and went further than anything else I did last year.”

Hans Boateng, owner of The Investing Tutor:

“It has been a gift. To be honest, Jenna’s group and certain mindset lessons from KBB made the BIGGEST difference in my life. It helped me start a group program that has been a tremendous success! I earned over $40,000 in sales in one month, I still can’t believe it. I’m speechless. KBB will provide the mindset shift, the support and foundational tools you need to build a thriving and successful knowledge-based business.”

Allison Carter, owner of Allison Carter Celebrates:

“Jenna was the linchpin in the whole thing. Her time investment, authentic support and genuine excitement for our wins is huge, and I know and appreciate what that takes from her end. I was shocked at how committed she was to showing up and helping us succeed. If you want to invest in yourself and your unique knowledge so you can share it with the world and impact others, you need KBB. The world needs what you have to offer, and KBB can help you discover exactly what that is and release it out into the world. Get paid for sharing your unique skills while positively impacting the lives of others? Done deal.”

Tianna Tye, psychologist & leadership coach at Tianna Tye:

“In retrospect, I laugh, because I thought I’d just be learning how to put together a Mastermind, but it’s honestly so much more than that. KBB gives you what you want: the nitty-gritty behind planning, marketing and executing a world-glass Masterminds. It also gives you what you need: mindset work and extracting your superpower. Since KBB, I gained the clarity I needed to finalize what I wanted to offer. What KBB did was give me the tools that I needed to begin to make a plan that would lead to my dream. It gave me the skills to execute on that plan. It reinforced my faith that even if I stumble on my path, success will come.”

Check out this video of student testimonials for a full picture of what they loved about KBB! (Warning: you may experience ALL the feels.)


Let me just get this off my chest: I would never promote something I didn’t wholeheartedly believe in, and this course is beyond incredible, impactful, life-changing, and all the other good words I could possibly come up with. Truthfully, becoming an affiliate was a gift because as I was taking it, I knew it could help my audience and I could lead others through it. It was a win, win, win! I get to learn, teach, and lead, my three favorite things.

It is absolutely packed to the brim with tangible knowledge and doable action steps that will keep you progressing throughout the course with motivation and ease.

Here are my top 6 favorite things from the Knowledge Broker Blueprint:

  • TOOLBOX: I totally dig that there is a toolbox at the end of every module with little exercises and challenges that support each module and help you gain additional clarity on your specific goal.
  • CLARITY: All of the action items are super clear and clean, so you’ll always know what to look forward to next in the progression of the program. Some you can accomplish quickly, some you want to take more time on. You get to choose the pace you work through it. 
  • REWARDS: I’m legitimately picking up tools that I’m going to implement into my own courses going forward, like locked rewards and bonuses! When you achieve certain percentages of the course or log in a consecutive amount of days, you can unlock different rewards that encourage you to keep going. (It’s our job to help students continue through the course so they can experience real results and gain back their investment, and this fun technique is a real game-changer.)
  • DESIGN: The design of the KBB is genius-level intentional and so well thought out. They truly thought of everything so you don’t miss one detail or nugget of knowledge as you go. It SHOWS that their decades of experience running events, sharing wisdom, and learning from trial and error has led to this program. To me, it gives me so much confidence that they’ve consolidated all of their experience and are delivering it so people can be successful at this their first time out of the gates.
  • E-NOTES: Maybe it’s my inner nerd, but I love little deliberate details, like the fact that you can add your own e-notes module by module right in the training so you can stay organized. It’s an awesome little feature so you can track things while you’re listening and stay focused if you aren’t a pen to paper kinda person.
  • DIVERSITY: Multiple teachers share their own knowledge and expertise within the course so you can gain knowledge from a variety of pros. Dean’s team that plans his own day-of events, do behind-the-scenes tech, and create his funnels all talk on their areas of knowledge to give real insight and understanding to how to put everything together in a smart and streamlined way. It’s real people teaching you real steps, not some high-level theory that you’ll never be able to apply.

Who I would recommend this program for:

If you’re considering becoming a coach, running a workshop or conference, starting a mastermind, building a course or wanting to sell education either online or in person, KBB will help you to extract your knowledge and teach you how to build a curriculum that gives other results. It will then help you to fill and run your event (whether online or in-person) and Mindmint, the software, will help you to lay it all out… almost like a personal assistant.

    • Examples: A business mastermind, a course on organizing a closet, a membership site, a life coach, someone who teaches about Facebook, an expert in crockpot meals, a fitness expert. 


If there’s a call on your heart to help lead others through something you’ve experienced to help shortcut the time they will spend, speed up results, cut down on confusion, or eliminate overwhelm. KBB helps you to figure out your genius and then guides you down the path of impact (and profits) by showing you how you, yes you, can educate others.

    • Examples: A hairdresser who can help other hairdressers with their businesses, someone who’s experienced the confusion of cancer treatments who can help others, someone who has overcome hardship and can teach others the tools it took to overcome, teaching others how to plan a wedding, helping moms to balance motherhood. The list goes on and on and on.


If you’re already some sort of coach or educator but you never really educated yourself on how to be the best and you piecemealed a plan together. I’ll be honest, I joined this program, mostly as a case study so I could see how they built it and get ideas for my own programs — but then I started consuming the content and became obsessed with what I was learning.

I’ve been an educator for 6 years and module one schooled me and gave me the tools to be a better educator and to get others bigger results. I hope you’ll join me on this insanely powerful learning and earning opportunity!

Disclosure: When you purchase KBB through me, I collect a commission — I also commit to showing up for you for a month straight as a mentor and coach to get you maximum results, pretty cool, right? I am an independent Mastermind.com Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from Mastermind.com. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Mastermind.com or its parent company, Mastermind.com LLC.

Still curious about if this is the right fit for you?

Check out more info on the Knowledge Broker Blueprint right here!

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  1. Cedric says:

    Does the price give permanent access to all the tools, or is the KBB actually a subscription? Or is some of the content permanent and other parts subscription? (I think I heard Dean say that access was for 6 months, but not sure if that was everything, or just a part of it)


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