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Why a Digital Course Side-Hustle Could Be Your Game Changer

Jenna Kutcher 

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I’ve tried to picture my business without the online education side – the five programs that evolved from my desire to stop trading my time for money and scale my impact, all at once. My life would look completely different. I might still be photographing weddings, giving up cherished weekend time with my family. I might not be speaking to you on this podcast. Without my courses, I might not have built this life that supports my own version of success. 

It’s crazy to think that this career and this business you see today unfolded from my first decision to create a course, streamlining what I taught in one-on-one mentor sessions into a repeatable system so I could share it with so many others. If I hadn’t been exposed to the digital education world or taken the leap and invested my time into creating my very first course, I can almost guarantee all of this around me would not exist. 

When I look back and summarize it for you now, sure, it sounds like it was a swift and simple “yes” on my part… But that’s not really the case. You might be standing in the same spot I was, wondering if creating a course could truly help you achieve your own version of success, regardless of what the economy is doing around you. Or maybe you’re a full-time parent but you have a passion that you put on hold and now you’re wondering if it’s time to pursue it. Maybe you feel stuck, waiting for answers to your course questions so you can feel confident diving in without hesitation. 

My dear friend and digital course creation expert Amy Porterfield is back once again to talk about digital courses, because neither of us want those questions to stop you in your tracks and keep you from the success that could unfold from your decision to say “yes” to creating an online course.

Digital Courses Give You Security

We’re in an interesting time in our world and specifically, the United States, where we’re all looking at what the economy will do and how it will impact our own personal finances and the security we have in our income. One thing that digital courses can do for your life and for your business is create income security regardless of what is happening in the world or nation around you.

One of Amy’s students, also named Jenna, is a mom of two little kids and she is a fitness coach for pre and postpartum. She was saying that she was getting nervou  moving into a recession because if she loses a client and she loses money and she never knows when the next client’s going to come or if she will keep clients long enough.

Jenna decided to create a digital course called the Mom Booty Booster and priced it at $197 and sold 15 units the very first time she launched it. That’s nearly $3000 extra in a month – a game changer for her family. Amy said, “What I want people to hear is that if you’re looking for more security, if you wanna feel more grounded, especially in times like these, what I want you to think about is what are you doing now or where have you gotten those results now where you could actually translate that into a digital course?”

You Don’t Have to Create a Business Course

If you’re familiar with the online course world, you’ve probably already encountered the many programs that teach you a million different ways to make more money. That is definitely something people are seeking and can get from an online course, but the course you create doesn’t have to teach students how to make money. You can offer so many different valuable results with your course.

Think of the skills you have that you could share to enrich someone’s life. I’ve personally taken courses on baby sleep training, reiki, how to macrame, speech and language for toddlers, and more. I love learning life skills based on the season of life I find myself in. 

Think about the things you’re great at. Think about what you do already in your business and life that could provide value for someone else beyond making money. Amy has a student that teaches others how to make sourdough bread. Sure, you could Google a recipe, but this course is specifically designed for people who are busy and need to fit in making sourdough from scratch with minimal time commitment. That’s the power of a course.

Niche Courses Are It

The digital course world continues to evolve and change. One thing both Amy and I are noticing is that instead of robust multi-module thick-workbook courses that cover every single aspect of a particular topic, students are wanting to learn from short, concise niche courses that cut out the fluff and get a result fast.

A shorter niche course is also great for retaining students and boosting their confidence. There’s often shame tied up in not completing something or following through on an idea or goal. What if you start really simple and get somebody a result in a quick amount of time and then you guide them on the path? Not only will your student’s confidence grow, but so will yours!

More About Digital Courses

Amy and I dive into waaay more on the subject of digital courses inside this episode. You just have to hit play to hear it! 

Does the idea of a digital course sound more and more exciting to you? Do you want to finally package what you know into a course and turn it into impact and income during an uncertain time for the economy? Ready to start that side-hustle with skills you already have, you just need the digital course roadmap to get there?

Amy Porterfield is leading a free masterclass to help you see and understand what it takes to create a digital course. The masterclass is called How To Recession-Proof your Business with One Digital Course: 5 Strategies To Create & Launch a Profitable Digital Course From Scratch and you can join it for free right now. 

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