The Only Business Course I Took Last Year & How It’s Impacted My Biz

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February 27, 2020


Have you heard? I took ONE business course last year and it has completely shifted my world in so many ways. It’s actually funny because I took this course the first time last year in late spring, and now I’ve taken it again at the beginning of 2020 as a refresher a second time around, and my takeaways are entirely different in the most beautiful way.

The course is called the Knowledge Broker Blueprint (formerly Knowledge Business Blueprint). My mentor and biz coach Dean Graziosi partnered with Tony Robbins (yeah, THAT Tony Robbins) to basically combine their multi-decade experience and education into one course, and it’s wild how this one program is jam-packed with so much applicable knowledge, mindset shake-ups, and tangible steps to go for your most brazen goals. For a little background (in case you haven’t heard me sing its praises loud and proud before), KBB is the one-stop shop for helping you dig into your natural gifts and acquired knowledge, and then turning those unique competencies into an experience, product, or program to sell to others who are interested in knowing what you know.

Let me be real, it’s really darn hard to describe all that’s within the KBB course in just a sentence and do it justice! But I didn’t always know that is was pure freakin’ gold. To be completely honest, I first agreed to take it just because I was super curious how Dean and Tony set it up and wanted a behind-the-curtain look at how these pros create a course. (Call me a course dork but for real, I knew it had to be pretty exceptional and I wanted in on their tactics!)

So I actually agreed to take it selfishly, for research. I didn’t think I’d get a whole lot of new info or takeaways from the materials themselves… I mean, not tooting my own horn here, but I’ve been in this self-education space for a while now and have taken (and created) ALL sorts of courses. And I’d been working one-on-one with Dean for a while. So really, I was thinking this one wasn’t going to offer a whole lot of new stuff to work with, other than maybe picking up a few pointers from their production value and how they led students.

But let me say this loud and clear: I WAS WRONG. Yep, the gal who really does not like saying she’s wrong is fessing up. I was totally, completely blown away by this course, the materials, the exercises, the takeaways, everything. I because a true KBB student and was rapidly taking notes, scribbling ideas down, and binging the course to soak up everything these guys had to offer. I even got my next million-dollar idea as I went through it the first time. So today, I want to share exactly how it’s impacted my own biz this past year, and my biggest takeaways from the Knowledge Broker Blueprint.

A KBB Review & 6 Ways It’s Impacted My Business

01. It showed me ways to update my own courses:

First things first, the way the program is set up is absolutely brilliant. You can unlock bonuses by taking a quiz on the content you’ve consumed, you can collect rewards and points, and so it makes working through it super fun, rewarding, and interactive. It actually inspired my to make my programs even better experiences for my students, too! A big part of online courses is actually consuming and applying the materials, so any way that makes it more captivating for students is always a win, and I loved seeing firsthand how KBB motivates its students.

02. It led me to truly understand my superpower:

If you roll your eyes at the term “superpower” and believe it applies to everyone but you, welcome to my club. It was funny because as I logged in each day, I grew in confidence knowing what my superpower is  (and that I actually have one) — that natural core competency that only you possess and that the course walks you through how to extract — and then determining how to focus the majority of my work time within that zone. It helped me to narrow my niche in a way that wasn’t limiting but that helped my to speak super clearly to my people. It also helped me see that a superpower doesn’t have to be a totally mindblowing thing, it can simply be the things that come naturally to you or that you are naturally passionate about.

03. I learned a TON of new selling tactics:

And not the scammy ones. Tony and Dean are both pros at connecting with their core audiences, helping them to navigate their pain points, and then offering solutions in a way that’s genuine, not pushy or aggressive. In KBB, they helped me become as confident in my ability to sell MY programs and resources as I am about selling my favorite sweatshirt from Aerie. I stopped being shy about what I’ve created and learned how to meet people where they’re at with an offer that is so aligned, it’s perfect. KBB walks you through exercises for selling well AND getting your mindset right to sell well, which has been absolutely transformational for me as an entrepreneur.

04. I gained an entirely new community of go-getters:

So I did this little thing last year where I created a KBB x JK study buddy group called The Implementation Lab and it was sorta the BEST THING EVER. I’m not kidding you. For those who joined hands with me and signed up for KBB through my link, they got added to a private Facebook group where I did hour-long weekly LIVE sessions with the group to talk about what we were all learning and to answer questions as we worked through the program side by side.

It became part accountability group, part coaching with me, and part “Did we just become best friends?!” on the ol’ interwebs with a ton of movers and shakers whose stories honestly give me goosebumps. That group was a lifeline for me and while I was the leader, I was pushed and motivated just as much by their efforts and watching a true community form before my very eyes. (Psst, I’m going to share some of those students’ success stories too in coming weeks! I can’t wait and think you’ll be as amazed by what they’ve done as a result of taking KBB as I am!)

05. All. The. Mindset. Shifts:

You’d think the girl who preaches body positivity, has built a multimillion-dollar brand, and shows up in IG posts in her skivvies would have all the confidence in the world, but listen, we all have things to work on! Dean always says he sells what people think they want but he delivers what they actually need, and while I thought I needed the blueprint, the mindset shifts in selling, negotiating, getting people results, leaning into my superpower, and SO. MUCH. MORE. were even more transformative for me. These a pack of tools inside this course that I have visited quarterly because they have transformed my set of beliefs so dramatically. Those tools alone are worth the entire price of the course.

06. I have 24/7 access to 2 of the best business mentors in the world:

The gift of investing in a lifetime course is multi-fold. I told you I took KBB last year and just worked through it again this month, and honestly the difference a year has made with where I’m at in life and business is astounding. It showed me that purchasing a course that is a lifetime membership is a huge benefit to be able to refresh, revisit, and pivot with my new needs year after year. I’ve listened and re-listened to modules many times throughout the year as refreshers to reinvigorate me, and it’s the coolest thing to know I have any time access to these two entrepreneurship moguls’ minds.

A Super-Fast Breakdown of What’s In the Knowledge Broker Blueprint

Module 01: Extract It: You’ll learn from the pros what it really takes to become successful, how to discover and extract your own superpower, the little known art of storytelling, and everything you need to know about who you can serve and more importantly, why.

Module 02: Fill It: Next up is how to get your ideal audience compelled to invest in your very own mastermind (or course, online workshop, etc.), tactics for sharing your unique superpower in a strategic way, and ultimately how to profit from sharing what you know and what comes naturally to you.

Module 03: Run It: You’ll get every last tool you need to run a successful in-person or online mastermind, workshop, or event (and it’s 100x easier than you’d ever imagine), plus event checklists to make sure you’re covered from beginning to end and the 5 things you need to give up in order to succeed. Y’all, it’s gooood.

Module 04: Knowledge Broker: If you’re thinking you’re not an expert, hey, that’s okay! This module will be so helpful for you because it teaches exactly what it means to be a knowledge broker and extract teachable information from experts, how to connect with those experts, and the foundational pieces in building a truly exceptional business.

The course of all courses

Can you tell I’m seriously stoked on this course? I call it the course of all courses because it will transform your mindset, your business, and your world if you let it! I can truly credit it for so much of my success over the past year — in fact, I worked part-time the entire last year yet my profitability improved by 40 percent and that’s in no small part because of KBB. If you’ve been waiting for the push to finally go for your biggest goals, consider this your sign!

Disclosure: When you purchase KBB through me, I collect a commission — I also commit to showing up for you for a month straight as a mentor and coach to get you maximum results, pretty cool, right? I am an independent Mastermind.com Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from Mastermind.com. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Mastermind.com or its parent company, Mastermind.com LLC.

Ready to take the leap & finally go for your big dreams?

Join KBB now and you’ll be able to learn right alongside me (& get coached by me)!

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  1. Alacia Mahnken says:

    Hey Jenna! I just saw you on the sales webcast for KBB and absolutely loved what you said about women having all the intuition and heart and that this course will give us the strategy. That statement sold me on the course. I went to check you out and saw you are offering coaching as a bonus if we buy ebb through you? Is this still the case and if so, do we still get the bonuses offered by Dean and Tony that are on the webcast?


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