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PLEASE READ: After publishing this episode it was brought to our attention that there is a great deal of controversy and damaging claims surrounding the company featured in this interview, LuLaRoe. LuLaRoe is currently under investigation and facing multiple lawsuits.

Our intent on this show was to shed light on a different type of business model and how to successfully approach marketing in this space. While we support the actionable tips shared by our guest and believe they can be valuable for our audience, we do not support LuLaRoe.

We hope our listener’s takeaways are not focused on the company featured but focused on:

  • Knowing your “why” behind anything that you do and letting it shine in all you share.
  • How to stand out among the others selling your same product or within your industry.
  • Researching different opportunities that can help you spend more time with your family and loved ones.
  • Approaching relationships not with the sale in mind but in truly being able to connect with other human beings on a heart level.
  • Using your business as a means to serve others needs and not a place to constantly sell.
  • Preserving relationships by being sincere with every interaction.
  • The importance of creating a personal experience for your customers versus creating mass appeal.

As always, we recommend researching business opportunities before entering them. We are privileged to serve the Goal Digger audience each week with inspiring stories and know the platform we have built comes with enormous responsibility. We heard your concerns, we’re sorry, and we’re grateful to have your continued support of the show.

Direct Sales, MLM, Social Retail Business Owners, and more… THIS ONE’S FOR YOU! Today we’re diving into the world of social retail companies with expert Amelia Lyon!

Yeah, this girl’s family launched the social retail behemoth that is LuLaRoe back in 2013 and she has worked alongside her husband Justin to create the images that have become a hallmark for the brand! We’re talking about how different kinds of opportunities can be the PERFECT solution for women, how to sell to your friends and family without ruining relationships, and how to build your own business in an authentic way. I’m picking Amelia’s brain from being on the very INSIDE of one of the major social retail companies.

Meet Amelia

In 2004, she launched the award-winning Amelia Lyon Photography after documenting her brother and sister-in-law’s wedding and falling in love with the art of wedding photography. Her studio would go on to win awards, as she taught workshops and spoke at conferences. Amelia has photographed over 450 weddings; along with fashion shoots, events, portraits and family photo sessions. Since her family launched the social retail mega-biz LuLaRoe in 2013, she has worked alongside her husband Justin to create the images that have become a hallmark of the brand’s cultural aesthetic: reflecting comfort, simplicity and accessible, affordable fashion for women and families from all walks of life.

Amelia cherishes family and faith above all, and welcomes any chance to talk about her latest healthy family feast or the morning’s yoga class — and she loves to share tips with LuLaRoe Retailers on how she maintains work/life balance and a routine while working in one of the most successful startups in the country.

The Start of LuLaRoe

Amelia’s mother sold dresses for girls at parties to her friends and other women in the community, but it wasn’t until Amelia’s very tall sister asked their mother to make a very specific maxi skirt. Her sister shared the skirt on social media and it caught Amelia’s eye, and she wanted one of her own. Word spread about these skirts and soon Amelia’s mom was making and selling the maxi skirt at her parties to the women buying dresses for little girls. Over 50,000 maxi skirts later, her mother was burnt out from the travel and sales. Amelia’s father was the first to introduce the idea of social retail: providing a business model and product to others so they could build a business as well.

With a blended family of 14 children, they all came together to support the new business endeavor dreamed up by their parents. Amelia and her husband Justin came together to support the photography, branding, and overall marketing strategy of the company and continue to oversee the brand image today, a few billion dollars later.

Is Social Retail Right for You?

Ask yourself this: Do you want to be home with your family? That’s probably an easy yes. Most of the retailers who work with LuLaRoe say they chose the business so they could achieve their goals on their own terms, and one of the most important terms is being home with their family more. Social retail like LuLaRoe doesn’t have to be a full time job — you put in the work that you want to put in. The business model is easily accessible to anyone in any phase of their lives. With social retail, you get to skip the grueling entrepreneurial phases of creation and development and fulfilling and jump immediately into the sales and profit generation phase.

Doing Social Retail Right

How do you want to be sold or approached about a product? Do you want to be randomly added to Facebook group or receive unsolicited recommendations of skin care, nutrition, or other products? Nope. We’ve all had that cringey Facebook message from someone we haven’t spoken to in years, attempting to peddle their wares to an unreceiving audience. If you’re diving into social retail, think of how YOU would want to be approached about an offering. Seek genuine connection with your potential customer. If you believe in the product yourself, this genuine connection comes easily. And here’s a new concept: In-person connection.

Amelia’s top 3 tips for a successful social retail business include:

Sharing the feelings you have about the product. If the product makes you happy, make you feel good and confident and proud, share that feeling with your potential customer.

Be genuine and start a dialog. Instead of firing off unsolicited recommendations to someone, comment on their photo or message them with the goal of starting a conversation. The product recommendation may come naturally, and you will establish a genuine connection with that person, rather than offering a solution to a problem they didn’t ask for.

Meet new people. Get out and smile at someone, make in-person connections, and learn about their lives. Similar to starting a genuine dialog online, making real in-person connections not only benefits your business by bringing in potential new customers, it will also open the door to new friendships and relationships.

More from This Episode

Amelia and I chat about so much more in this episode, like choosing a social retail opportunity (or any business endeavor) based on your “why”, how to stand out among the others selling your same product, and the importance of creating a personal experience for your customers versus creating mass appeal. If you’ve ever been curious about social retail marketing and how to build a sustainable business with that model, this episode will be a huge help! Just press play on the player above for the full episode.

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