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September 18, 2015



Camp Wandawega used to feel like a little unicorn in my life – this mystical place that somehow was only one hour from my house and yet I had never been there and only yearned for a little old fashioned camp fun! Over the last month I’ve made a few visits to this place and by goodness, it’s a place like none other and I am so happy it’s so close to home because something tells my I might be frequenting it more often next summer! I am coming off of a mini week at camp for the first ever Camp Wedding, a workshop for wedding vendors put on by Cherry Blossom Events. Attendees came from all over the Midwest and included wedding planners, photographers, florists, bakers, rentals, hair stylists, and more.

While I was under the weather with a cold, unshowered, and carefree, I felt alive enough to do the opening keynote, the closing keynote, and portfolio reviews for the attendees of the camp! It was incredible to kick off camp and then 48 hours later, close it. Of course I cried a few times as I tried to tell each and every person who I had gotten to know, how truly incredible they are. The more I speak, I more I learn about us as human beings and it’s such a joy to be able to share my heart, cry on stage, and hug it out with people who I didn’t know just a week ago. Speaking has become such a piece of my brand and one of the most exhilarating platforms I’ve been given! Camp Wedding was nothing short of amazing and I had to share a little peek into what the last few days looked like (it was also nice to set the camera down the majority of our time and just take it all in!)

“A few hours ago I stood sick, unshowered, tired, and I gave the final keynote and cried to the attendees of Camp Wedding trying to sum up how wonderful, special, and talented they all are. Now, you’re probably catching on to the trend that every time I keynote speak, I cry, (because I do) but it’s because I see how we are all yearning for acceptance, permission, to feel enough.

I wish I could talk to every one of my friends and tell each and everyone of you how incredible you are and how you were made whole and perfectly by our Creator, but I can’t. So today, when someone tells you how beautiful you are or how great you are doing, don’t belittle their compliment. Accept it, believe it, repeat it. You are worthy, you are enough, and you are capable of changing the world.”





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