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A Peek Into Our Isolated Easter

Jenna Kutcher 

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There wasn’t an Easter basket, no chocolate bunnies, no Peeps, or hidden Easter eggs… but there were PJs, a lot of joy, some “cottage cheese” eggs, and a long walk down by the lake, and that was our Easter in quarantine. We FaceTimed our loved ones, kissed people through the screen, and ran outside with the pups. What a weird season we’re navigating, right? I mean, I don’t think I’ve missed an Easter Sunday service in my life and so to watch communion happen on a computer screen was odd but still joyous.

As a photographer, I’ve always had a side of me that wants things to look beautiful, clutter-free, and editorial, and I’ve been challenging myself to just pause and document the real moments. The mess, the no make-up, the cereal bowl, and the dog hair. These are the moments I want to remember, and these are the photos that will bring me back to the giggles, the stories, the days we spent at the lake in the woods.

I mostly wanted to share these photos so that someday Facebook will remind me of this season of isolation, and while we navigate what is this new normal with no current end date, we continue to find so much joy in the little things! While there wasn’t an Easter ham or a family gathered around the table and we ate cheeseburgers on the couch while catching up on Top Chef, it was still a day to remember. From the long walk down by the lake to the sauna sesh while you napped (complete with a margarita) we made today our own and put zero pressure on doing this a “right” way! So Coco, we may not have had cute Easter dresses or picture-perfect family portraits but we did make some memories that I’m sure we’ll tell you about on every single Easter to come.



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