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October 25, 2021


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What started as a side project between two best friends grew into a global community and a top-rated podcast. Lindsey Simsik and Krista Williams are the hosts of Almost 30, and they’ve made steady, strategic, and intentional moves to grow their podcast platform into a thriving business that supports women in their wellness, happiness, and overall well being.

This conversation is a long time coming — no really, the email thread to book a date when all of our schedules were aligned is about 55 emails long… But it’s so worth the wait. We’re exploring their podcast growth from side project to full-time gig, the lessons learned in the process, as well as how they keep it all going as their lives transition in tandem with the business. 

The Origin Story

Krista Williams met Lindsey Simcik as she was auditioning to be a SoulCycle instructor in Los Angeles. Krista auditioned twice, but never got the job. However, she met Lindsey in the process of training and classes, and they formed a fast and meaningful friendship. Each of the women were on the brink of 30 (ahem, almost 30) and were feeling lost about life, careers, relationships, and what was supposed to be next for them. 

One day, after a particularly deep conversation, Krista asked Lindsey if she thought they could record their conversations and start a podcast. Lindsey, who says she is, “Always down to create, even not knowing the outcome,” said yes. 

For seven months, the duo recorded what would become the first episodes of the Almost 30 podcast on the floors of their closets in LA. They had full-time jobs, but they were invested in this project together, whether it would become more than a passion project or not. 

Lindsey explained, “Did we know that it was going to make us money? Did we know that if people would listen, did we know any of these things? Absolutely not, but this idea just was so alive and it was so fun to collaborate with someone like Krista. And we really brought out the best in one another.”

Business and Friendship

Krista and Lindsey describe their relationship as a work marriage. They’re tied together in many ways that spouses might be. Finances, team, shared vision, responsibilities — it has all developed into a complex relationship that has forged a singular identity, despite them being unique and very different people. 

This singular identity is something that they’ve been working to understand and separate recently. Krista and Lindsey have walked through many changes in their personal lives in the last year, including marriage and moving, and it’s important for them to redefine their own individual identity. They work with a healer and a coach to ensure they’re supporting each other in their “work marriage” while also supporting each other as unique individuals.

Their relationship has no space for competition, but that wasn’t always the case. In the beginning, they realized there was anxiety around who was doing what, and they each tried to do it all and be everything, to everyone. Now, they realize that kind of competition isn’t when they thrive. 

Kristsa shared, “We really realized that our superpower is who we are. How can we cultivate more of who we are in this business? That’s when we win. That’s helped us to see ourselves as better leaders, better teachers, better friends — by really focusing on what we’re good at and then honoring that in the other person.”

Podcasting Advice

As the Almost 30 podcast and brand grew, so did their ways in which Krista and Lindsey served their audience. They offer a coaching program and podcasting accelerator for those who want to start their own podcast, just like they did in their closet six years ago. One of their biggest pieces of advice for new and aspiring podcasters is to not skip what Lindsey called the “gestation period.”

“They want to rush through that period. And they’re like, I want to launch, I want to start to make money. I want to get on the road. I see everyone doing it. I’ve got to be next to them,” Lindsey continued, “And what was so incredible about our path was how long we took to gestate.”

Those seven months on their closet floor were important in figuring out their chemistry, vision, mission, and goals. Lindsey laughed though, “No one will ever hear those recordings. They have not seen the light of day.”

Press play for more podcasting advice from Krista and Lindsey, from the power of consistency to building a sustainable dream surrounded by community.

More from Almost 30

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