8 Tools to Stay on Track with Your New Years Goals

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January 20, 2022


New year, new you?  Maybe!  But perhaps as we embark on a new year, you’re most excited to tackle your biggest goals. When you look at the blank slate of the year ahead, what excites you and makes you feel good? What are the New Years’ goals that will allow you to experience more peace and profits in your business this year?

Are you ready to finally get your email list up and running, or launch that course you’ve been noodling on? Do you need to find a way to make client communications or project management take less time? Or maybe this is the year you’re finally going to spend time on YOU and get more intentional about personal development.

Whatever your business and leadership New Years’ goals are, we have a list of tools to help you save time and money, so you can keep saving the world.  

8 tools to achieve your business new years goals

Take a peek at this list of common entrepreneur New Years’ goals to find the right tool to help you achieve what you desire this year! (And you can try all of them for free or at a major discount… SCORE.)

Goal #1: “Simplify & save time on business backend stuff.”

Tool: Honeybook

For invoicing, contracts, workflows, client communication, forms, and even more backend-business work, we recommend Honeybook! I used it all the way back in my wedding photography days to send contracts, booking info, invoices, and beyond. We still use it today to send contracts for booking guests on the podcast! It also pairs up with things like Quickbooks for easier accounting. 

Try Honeybook free and save 50% on your annual subscription!

Goal #2: “Finally start my email list.”

Tool: Flodesk

I won’t ever stop shouting it from the rooftops: Flodesk is *the* easiest tool ever for starting, serving, and growing your email list. You don’t even have to have a website to begin, plus they literally have super easy tutorials covering everything, so whether or not you know what you’re doing, they’ll walk you through it. (And if tutorials aren’t your jam, their support team is AWESOME.) Plus, they have some of the most gorgeous email templates I’ve ever seen to make sending pro-level email communication EASY.

Get started for 30-days FREE! Love it and lock in at $19/month for your first year!

Goal #3: “Create the website of my dreams.”

Tool: TONIC Site Shop

What if I told you that you could literally drag and drop your website together? No coding or HTML needed. TONIC lets you do just that with their beautifully designed and functional Showit website templates! Want to see how to simply set-up and customize your site using these killer site templates? Join me and my personal web designer for a free training and design tutorial!

Snag a professionally designed template and make it your own quickly… it’s seriously so easy, and exponentially more affordable than having a website custom designed.

Save 15% on your new website template!

Goal #4: “Stop avoiding personal development.”

Tool: GrowthDay

Spoiler alert: this is the ONLY way to get personally coached by me (and a lot of other incredible and inspiring leaders in the online space)! Not gonna lie… I avoided personal development for a long time, thinking I had a nice life and a nice business, so that was that. But I was missing some really heart- and mindset-expanding conversations and exercises that can truly improve every area of your life. Take it from me, this is the inner-work that will move the needle the most in your life and in your dreams. From coaching to the tools that the app itself includes (journaling, habit tracking, goal setting, and more), this can help you keep moving forward and growing as a leader and an individual. 

Enjoy 14-days free plus save 50% off your membership today!

Goal #5: “Organize all the pieces & projects of my biz.”

Tool: Monday.com 

My business literally became SO much more manageable for both myself and my whole team when we finally started using project management platform, Monday.com. It’s beyond helpful for project development and/or developing your to-do lists. We used to house everything in Google Docs, which, as you likely know, led to a lot of lost and confusing content. Now, we each have boards we own with to-dos, content calendars, brand assets, plus automations allow team members to be notified when their support is needed! It also lets us save launch assets and workflows so we’re not starting from scratch (or searching through Google Drive) every time we launch again.

Start your 14-day free trial here!

Goal #6: “Launch my first course!”

Tool: Kajabi

Listen, I know there are lots of course creation tools, but in my humble opinion, Kajabi is the best of the best if you’re building an online course or membership. It has EVERYTHING—like even capability to house your website and email list if you want that. And the user interface for your students is extremely easy to use and intuitive. It’s the only thing I personally use for my courses and recommend as the all-in-one digital course solution! 

Try Kajabi out for 14 days free!

Goal #7: “Be more intentional about planning social posts.”

Tool: Tailwind

My team loves Tailwind as the best Instagram and Pinterest planning and analyzing app. Not only have we used it to get my Pinterest page up to 3 million monthly viewers, but we also use it to plan the grid for the Goal Diggers Instagram page. Creating and scheduling Pinterest and Instagram content CAN be an incredibly huge time suck… but Tailwind simplifies both platforms so you can check them off your list in under an hour each week.

Start your free trial and get $30 off your subscription using this link!

Goal #8: “Get my legal ducks in a row.”

Tool: The Contract Shop

Looking to make your business legit (legally) or set up contracts that actually protect you? The Contract Shop is my go-to for legal advice and easy-to-customize contracts for literally everything. They have templates for photographers, independent contractors, affiliates, graphic designers, bloggers, and beyond. Let a real attorney handle all the complicated legal jargon and help legitimize your biz for good.

Use ‘JENNA20’ to save 20%.

Let’s all keep the old Latin proverb, “Fortune favors the bold,” in mind as we embark on a fresh year and fresh start. Keep going for those goals and utilizing the right tools that will help you achieve them with consistency and grace! Rooting for you over there!

This post contains affiliate links.

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