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February 29, 2020


If you’ve been tuning in at all the last couple weeks, I’m sure you’ve heard of a little course I’ve now taken TWICE called the Knowledge Broker Blueprint (formerly the Knowledge Business Blueprint). Listen, we’ve heard from so many of you that you want to do this. You’re intrigued by KBB and all of its unbelievable techniques, strategies, and education that I just can’t stop talking about, but fear is getting in the way. You feel stuck because you just don’t know how to get started or if you’re ready.

Maybe you don’t have an idea yet, but you’re on the edge and feel like this could be a great launching point. If that’s you, here’s what I want to tell you: This course is the best material I have ever seen in terms of guiding you through the process of extracting exactly what you should be working on and sharing that with others. You don’t need to have it all figured out right now to jump in and let it change your life, friend.


I begged Dean and Tony to let me share one of my favorite exercises from the KBB course to help those of you on the fence deciding if this is the right fit for you. It’s called 7 Levels Deep, and it gets to the heart of your biggest “why.” It anchors you into the core reason for why you want to do what you want to do.

This exercise takes you beyond the surface level. After all, we all want to be successful in our own right and help others along the way. But this pulls back the layers behind your specific, heart-centered life purpose and sincerest mission. Your WHY. As Tony and Dean say, “When you know in your soul why you get up every morning and fight for your dreams, you’ll never let anything get in your way of becoming who you are meant to be.”

Here’s how it goes: Get out a pen and paper (that’s right, we’re going old school y’all — unless you’re more of the digital type… I suppose you could use your computer or notes app if you must!) And write down your answers to the following questions.

(HINT: The first few why’s might come pretty easily. Maybe you want to be successful to have financial freedom or to provide for your family. The next several why’s will get to the core behind your truest, baseline why. Dig deep and extract your purest motivations.)

01. Ask yourself what it means to YOU to be successful.

What is the main goal you want to achieve in your life that would equate to success for you? Maybe it’s launching your own quilting business, supporting families of people struggling with addiction, decorating homes for single parents on a budget, starting a winery, or opening an animal sanctuary. Whatever yours might be, write it down in its simplest form. For me: it looks like living a life where I feel present, free, and passionate every day while making a big impact in the world. 

02. Ask yourself why that is important to you.

Continue asking yourself deeper why’s a total of 6 times, and write each of your driven-down answers. The last of the 6 will be your true and final WHY. It’s important to me because I want to leave a true legacy, I want to create a ripple effect that touches thousands of lives and it starts first with my family. Why? Because if I can start with my children, they can continue to bless others after I am gone. Why? Legacy matters to me because I realize that each day is a gift that no one is promised and if I’m not living all out right now, then I am wasting the time I’ve been given. Why? Because it’s easy for me to sit and wait for perfect but I refuse to keep waiting because I’ve watched loved ones wait and then it’s too late… and so on, and so on.

Big deal moment: Dean is actually giving us an INSIDER GLIMPSE of how he teaches this exercise inside Module 1 of the Knowledge Broker Blueprint (!!!). And it’s incredible. Click play on the video below to work through your 7 Levels Deep with Dean Graziosi.

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So, did ya do it? If you haven’t, I can’t encourage you enough to work on this activity and fully drill down into what makes your heart beat and gives you the push to swing your legs out of your comfy bed every day and impact others greatly. It only takes a few minutes, but you’ll feel your entire mentality shift into this brand new place of heart-and-soul centeredness.

Beyond it being super awesome and valuable to know for your own goals, your why will shape the entire course of your business and how you share what you know with others. In fact, it’s kinda one of the most major starting points.

It puts you in the right place emotionally to connect with your ideal audience and students when you craft your course, mastermind, or event. This 7 Levels Deep tool is something you can (and should!) share with them to allow them to see your heart behind what you are teaching. Give them each of your why’s, and then walk with them through their own so they can tactically tap into their own purpose and mission in their individual life pursuits.


After you’ve dug into your 7 Levels Deep, get started determining the knowledge you’re meant to spread with these tactical tips:

01. Determine your superpower: The key to tapping into your unique gifts is by asking yourself some really targeted questions, like “What are the 3 things that make me stand out?” and “What are a few transformation stories in my life that led me to where I am now?” KBB will walk you through the ENTIRE process of extracting your unique-to-you superpower that you can share with others.

02. Shift your mindset: It can be easy to play small and stay stuck in a place of scarcity or fear. But hear me well: YOU have valuable knowledge to share, you are worthy of sharing it, and you have the power and capability to help others and create an uplifting community… It starts with believing this for yourself.

03. Start with the end: I talk a whole lot about getting really clear on serving your audience information they actually want to buy AND use. It can’t just be a shiny thing that seems fun, but isn’t actionable. So it all starts with coming up with a clear, realistic, and specific end result. What will you deliver to your peeps at the end of this?

I know you’re prone to skip a few steps or to make promises to yourself that you might not keep, but time is of the essence my friend, and I want you to commit to doing this exercise for YOU. Instead of waiting and coming up with all the reasons you can’t do this, let’s shift to focusing on all the reasons you are completely capable and your deeper “why.”

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  1. The mindset is a huge thing. I always need to ask myself what it means to be successful – it means different things to each person. So I try to take note and revist this question as often as I can.


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