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March 21, 2013


today i want to share a few of the pages that inspire me. as a creative i think it is super important to follow people that visually inspire you to create beautiful things! long before pinterest there was a handy way of hanging on to sites you want to frequent often, so my little bookmarks tab continues to grow as i draw from inspiration and talent in so many different industries. want to see what inspires me? here are five sites that i frequent often and love oh so much. 

some visual goodness from: designlovefest

1.) jasmine star blog: y’all know i met this pretty lady in seattle twice and i think she is incredible. what i love about her blog is her realness and the fact that she showcases her personality while also furthering the education of other photographers. she talks freely about tough circumstances, tips for weddings, and how to keep your business moving forward. plus she is entirely hilarious and shares in my obsession with dogs. i am blessed to call her my friend. 

2.) designlovefest:  “where type and images totally make out.” i totally pretend that if i wasn’t a photographer, i would be a graphic designer. we all know i would never make it but i am truly obsessed with the imagery that bri emery presents. the images above are from this lovely site and always inspire through their gorgeous design + composition. she is revolutionizing the blog world by sharing advice, showcasing incredible shoots, and her use of color and typography leave me drooling. she is incredible at leveraging social media and she is a dreamer like me.

3.) rinse repeat blog: bethany is my cyber friend and soul sister. a wisconsin gal who moved to kuwait to support her new husband, she shares her journey in a new country along with the ups and downs of live, love, and marriage. she is a beautiful beautiful soul and uses gorgeously warm imagery to accompany her words. every time she posts it is like a little treat to start my day… love you b. 

4.) jcrew: okay, let’s be honest. i love shopping but more than that i love starring at how prominent brands shoot their clothing. i love the editorial way they shoot and style their models in their clothing. seriously, something so clean and classic about their site, their photos, and how they style their outfits. if i could walk into that store and dress myself everyday i might actually get myself out of bed and into real pants – now that is a big statement for a girl who lives in cotton clothing. i love jcrew and think they are the perfect outfit inspiration for your session. 

5.) the beauty department: i’d be totally lying if i said i didn’t adore lauren conrad, i mean, who couldn’t love the laguna beach star turned into fashion maven and beauty icon. this site is part of her creation and i love the tips and tricks they share for the average girl. they have organized their info so it is visually appealing and their tutorials are so easy to follow. perfect inspiration for when i finally get out of my sweats and swipe on some mascara, right? 

 what are a few of your bookmarked favorites? where do you turn for inspiration? 


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  1. Sweet, shout-outs to those that inspire – great idea!! On my way to check them out.

  2. Karthika says:

    I LOVE the colored hangers….how cool would that be to have in your closet! – a splash of color everytime you change clothes…LOL

  3. just found out about designlovefest, loving it! thanks for sharing! and i agree that jcrew is a perfect outfit inspiration!

  4. Kim says:

    Good stuff! Good stuff!

  5. I love this post, Jenna! Thanks for introducing us to some great sites 🙂

  6. Amy says:

    Great post! I will be checking out some of these sites asap! If you haven’t already, check out and they always have beautiful images and great ideas!

  7. Rebecca Anne says:

    This is such a fun post! I am definitely going to have to check out a few of those sites!

  8. I always wanted to see inside the mind of another wonderful photographer! Thanks for sharing Jenna=)

  9. I die for jcrew! And obvs j*. I think it’s so important to stay inspired…especially since we are in the creative profession! Awesom post Jenna…YOU inspire me!

  10. Alaina Bos says:

    Can’t wait to check out your faves! I’ve already got them tabbed 🙂

  11. lin says:

    big fan of Jcrew too! Every new season, I have to hold my impulse to buy new arrivals before they go on sale… haha

  12. Oh the days of Laguna Beach!!! I was such a Lauren fan but more recently started liking Kristin. I love that Blog with all the hair ideas. Tried out a few myself!!!

  13. Jade says:

    Love this! As if I didn’t have enough blogs to stalk already…heheh

  14. Natalie says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’m already inspired!!

  15. I already adore Jasmine Star so I totally get that. I checked out DESIGN LOVE FEST and wow, really great stuff. The rinse repeat blog post about budgeting is great and timely for me (paying off darn Sallie Mae school loans). The last 2 aren’t my style but I enjoy your writing style and it made me Check them out. Great idea for a blog post, BTW.


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