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May 1, 2019


knowledge business blueprint

So, my team, my friends, my COMMUNITY are all on fire right now about the Knowledge Business Blueprint course. In case you missed the news, Tony Robbins and my business coach Dean Graziosi went live on Tuesday night to break internet records and share about an incredible new course they’re launching called the Knowledge Business Blueprint. And y’all… This is the real deal. 

I’ve invested more than $100K into my own education over the last 5 years. Mentors, masterminds, coaches, and courses have allowed my brand to grow from a six-figure photography business to a multi-million dollar educational business all about empowering and teaching women to start, grow, and scale their own businesses.

Insider Scoop on KBB

I have to share with you… Tony and Dean gave me an exclusive sneak peek into the Knowledge Business Blueprint to test it, implement its strategies on my own biz, provide valuable feedback, and honestly see if it’s worth all the hype. Can I tell you something? The KBB is by far the BEST course I’ve ever seen — and I’ve seen a lot. Within the first 20 minutes of the program, I had my next BIG idea (like really big!). 

If you missed their live training and are wondering what our BIG takeaways were, team JK met early this morning to talk through our notes and what we learned. Tony and Dean showed up and taught, told so many success stories that made it easy to imagine ourselves in, and they shared their new program, the one I’ve been testing out. (To be honest, I don’t think they came close to scratching the surface of the actual course — it’s really good!) 

They walked viewers through the main steps of the KBB: how to discover your expertise, extract your knowledge, learn how to market yourself, and inspire people to invest in your knowledge and take action! And if you’re sitting here feeling like you’re not an expert yourself, they have a NEW idea called “knowledge broker,” and it essentially allows you to get experts to engage with you and share their own unbelievable knowledge with your followers.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about how to extract your individual knowledge, package it up, sell it to others, and make an incredible impact (while also making a profit). If you missed the live stream, or if you’re still buzzing about it like we are, you’ll want to check out our top 3 biggest takeaways from their training.


As someone who grew up hearing college was the only way to get the job you want, I found this absolutely fascinating. But just think about how many of your friends with degrees don’t work in jobs they majored in at school…

Student debt is crushing kids these days, and traditional education isn’t delivering like it used to anymore. Tony shared that only 27% of people actually work in jobs that they went to school for, and more than half of them are miserable in their jobs.

Employers are looking for specialized education, not the generalized stuff that colleges offer. I don’t think I’ve ever asked someone on my team where they went to college, but I have asked them where they learned and what they know. That honed-in, ultra-specific, mega-focused expertise in a certain field can be the decision maker between you and the person who majored in something somewhat relatable.

Hey, you know I’m not saying ditch your degree or drop out if you’re still in school, but the numbers do support that college is not what it once was. One of the most powerful forces in the world today is self-education.

The knowledge industry is a $355 million a day business. In five years, Forbes expects it to be a billion dollar a day industry. How INSANE is that?! People want to learn specifics. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in. Having specialized knowledge helps people deal with a specific problem in their life, and that’s where the power is.


Tony and Dean asked the viewers on Tuesday if we thought we could make twice the amount of money in the same amount of time… What about ten times as much money? What about a thousand, or two thousand times as much money? Sounds crazy, right? But there are people out there who can say yes confidently while you’re questioning if it could be true for you. 

So many people have unintentional limiting mindsets about impact and money, but the beautiful thing is that everyone has the capability to be an expert in something — you already are an expert at something whether it’s making the perfect hard-boiled egg or organizing dresser drawers all the way to running a profitable business or rocking the social platforms. Everyone is an expert of something, mostly because they were a student first. 

Whether you know a lot about it and have studied it, asked the pros about it, and spent hours digging into it (they call these people the “reporters”), or you have experience doing it and doing it well (these are the “experts”)… everyone has a special niche that they could capture and teach others about.

But it all starts with your mindset, your beliefs. You have to believe in yourself and understand you have something to offer, and then you have to become a valuable commodity in the marketplace. Become the expert, or the reporter, so that others will be captivated and undeniably inclined to want to learn from you.

Something I love about the Knowledge Business Blueprint is that it takes you through every step of finding out your zone of expertise, giving you the confidence to share it with others, and building a community of like-minded people who are willing to invest in the knowledge you’ve compiled.

It trains you to shift into a mindset of abundance over scarcity, while marketing your knowledge as a business, and that’s pretty rad.


Dean and Tony had me praise-handing all night with their talk about group education and empowering communities. They talked a lot about tapping into your individual superpower and finding those exact people who want it. The best way to share it with those people? Masterminds.

We’ve been talking about mastermind over here for the last 2.5 years! I’ve invested more than $50K to be a part of masterminds, and I even hosted my own mastermind last year with 20 amazing women. The guys shared this definition of a mastermind from Napoleon Hill (author of “Think & Grow Rich”) on Tuesday, and my jaw about hit the floor:

“The coordination of knowledge and effort between two or more people who work towards a definite purpose in a spirit of harmony…no two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.” This is so much YES. Bringing together groups of people with common interests and goals creates a harmony of minds and a rich synergy of opportunity, dreaming, and empowerment.

And the best part? Creating a mastermind can take pressure off of YOU. Of course, you absolutely will need to be invested and knowledgeable, but in masterminds, it isn’t your responsibility to talk and teach at your group. It’s up to you to create an environment of open conversation, brainstorming, and problem-solving.

Dean shared that the singular thing that has moved the needle more than anything else in his life is partaking in masterminds. Everyone in a mastermind brings their unique problems, biggest challenges, and riskiest opportunities, and somebody in the group can always deliver guidance simply because they’ve been through something similar.

You don’t have to be the generator of guidance; you simply bring the people together. How stinkin’ cool is that? And guess what? This program teaches you all the things about how to do that, and do it really, really well.

If you missed the live, you can check out the replay here. And for even more information about all the life-changing nuggets of strategy and roadmaps you’ll learn from the Knowledge Business Blueprint, head here.

** Disclosure: You know what’s awesome? When you join me in KBB, I collect a commission. You also get access to me for a month of coaching while I lead you through the program. Now, I am an independent Mastermind.com Affiliate, not an employee. So I receive referral payments from Mastermind.com. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of Mastermind.com or its parent company, Mastermind.comLLC.


Bummed you missed this amazing live stream?

Catch the replay here!

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