What Nastia Liukin Learned After Her Gold Medal

January 15, 2018


Join Jenna on the Goal Digger Podcast as she interviews friend and gold medal winner Nastia Liukin where she's talking all about what she learned after her gold medal.

Liukin’s crowning achievement was at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, but winning five medals was only the beginning for this golden girl.

After returning home, she graced the pages of countless magazines and appeared on various TV shows, while even being chosen as one of 2009’s most influential people by MSN Lifestyle, and graduating from NYU. She remains an ambassador for the sport, and continue to uplift women in sports everywhere.

But her path wasn’t always clear after the Olympic Games. Nastia gives us an incredibly open, vulnerable look into her unique path and what it feels like to “believe your best work is behind you”. This woman is insanely talented, an incredible speaker, and a true do-it-all-er. And today, you get to hear her story.


Well, Goal Diggers, here’s a little-known fact for you. Growing up, I was a competitive gymnast. I spent my days at the gym– perfecting that backflip and practicing (and practicing) my beam routine. And Nastia Liukin was a beacon of light– as a fellow gymnast, and now, as an adult, and a thriving businesswoman. When I started Goal Digger, Nastia was one of the first people that popped into my brain. And she did not disappoint. Hearing her story of her introduction to gymnastics (um, hello Olympian parents), a true love for the sport, and a drive and passion unlike any other, her story gave me chills.

“already achieved my biggest dream- now what?”

Nastia tells us her story all the way up to her crowning achievement of winning 5 medals at the Olympic Games. Hearing the story from her view was truly jaw-dropping: inspiring, motivating, and truly such a beautiful moment. But what happened after that podium? She felt fear. How could she “top” being the best in the world? What is it like to believe your “best work is behind you”? How can someone transition careers? What did the future hold?

“There was Fear and doubt. But What I feared Most was Regret”

After the podium, Nastia struggled to find her stride. From being all consumed with her sport and “left without a goal”, she felt a huge void. So kept chasing gymnastics and took every opportunity that went her way. She continued to transition her hard work to every opportunity and tried to make the most of everything (even another shot at the 2012 Olympics) and lived life with the mindset of “I don’t want to regret not trying…” Her tenacity and adaptability are insanely versatile, and the career she has made for herself should inspire us all.

Whether you are a sports fan or not, this episode is incredibly relatable: from family dynamics and moving to a new city, all the way to shifting careers and setting big goals, Nastia is undoubtedly going to inspire you to dream big dreams, set even bigger goals, and work your tail off every day to live your best life.

You can’t miss this one, Goal Digger.



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  1. Tiffany says:

    Oh my gosh! This entire episode was amazing. I am with you–her talking about falling and everyone giving her a standing ovation was powerful stuff! Love your podcast!


  2. Lauren R Swann PhotographyHello February - Lauren R Swann Photography says:

    […] recently listened to an interview on my friend Jenna’s podcast with Nastia Liukin and one of the things that stood out to me most […]



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